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Thank you for your interest in submitting your content! We are always on the lookout for content, and get extremely excited about working with content creators. Our goal as a digital publication, is to provide a unique quality experience for our readers, and to provide exposure for content creators. On this site we run daily content, as well as quarterly content released in a e-zine.

Our daily content pertains to all things nerdy, while the e-zine is defined by a generalized quarterly topic. The topic and submission deadline are posted on the homepage. We accept written, drawn, & photographic. If there is some form of interesting media that we’ve forgotten; just send the submission form, and we’ll get back to you.

We are currently working on ways to reward those that submit content to us. One way for us to show our appreciation, is by providing personal letters of recommendation to any content creator; who has had three or more pieces of content accepted and published. (Letters of recommendation, are obtainable, by contacting BaicunnPress)

Before submitting, please understand that although BaicunnPress does not censor content; content is curated. This means that not all content submitted, will be accepted. Content may be rejected for, poor structure/ readability, not pertaining to the topic or focus of the site, missing the submission date deadline for the quarter, or not reflecting the values of BaicunnPress. Before submitting, please review the following:

  • All works submitted, must be owned by the submitter, and they are free to promote, sell, or license that work to any other party as long as it does not interfere with BaicunnPress’s ability to publish, or maintain publication rights.
  • All works submitted remain the intellectual property of the creator/ owner. Those works will be attributed, and credited based on information provided.
  • By submitting work(s) to BaicunnPress, you are giving permission to BaicunnPress to publish said work(s) both within the quarterly e-zine and/ or on the website.
  • By submitting, you understand that acts of plagiarism can and will lead to a lifetime ban from being published on BaicunnPress.