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Welcome to BaicunnPress! My name is Chali Baicunn; owner, editor, and contributor. I want to welcome you to the site, and thank you for your interest in this little pocket of the ever growing expanse that is the Internet.

The idea behind BaicunnPress was originally formed in 2014, and really wasn’t executed well until recently (2017). In that time, the site and format of its content had gone through several iterations. The many changes, were made to try to distinguish BaicunnPress from the competition, but the changes never really met the standard of presentation that I was satisfied with.

In early 2017, the focus, goals, and mission of the site were re-assessed. To build a successful independent media brand, would require significant changes be made. As well as a more creative approach. The end of June 2017 will mark the beginning of those changes, with the release of Nerdzine; a new quarterlyly digital magazine, with aesthetics¬†inspired by cyberpunk and punk rock zines. I hope you check out the content we’ll have up in the coming days.

Again, thank you for stopping by. I really appreciate the support. If you’re interested in contributing, please head to the contribute section. Please feel free to contact me anytime on Twitter, either at @BaicunnPress or @ZorakTheMantis.

Thank You,
-Chali Baicunn