Hello and welcome back to BaicunnPress.com. I hope Tuesday is finding you well. I wanted to share the following short film with you. I recently discovered this, and it’s simple too good to not get it out to you ASAP. 

Every once and awhile an animated short comes out that pushes the bounds of what you’d expect from YouTube channel. This fan made short did just that. This passion project approaches the Star Wars universe from the side of the Empire. Created by Paul “OtaKing” Johnson over a 4 year period. Taking on the feel of classic 1980’s anime. A stellar level of attention has been paid to detail. It’s truly impressive; from TIE Fighter controls to battle formations. The soundtrack is on point, with an epic guitar rift that would make many a Gundam and Robotech fanboy blow their load.

Pretty amazing right? As of a week ago OtaKing posted the following comment on his YouTube channel in reference to TIE Fighter, and his future plans:

“Hello there!
Here’s an update, since a lot of people have shown interest:
I haven’t heard anything from the folks at Lucasfilm and I wouldn’t want to do more without their blessing, so I can’t really do any more TIE Fighter at the moment, sadly.
Honestly, even if people were paying me just enough to eat and pay the rent whilst I animated episodes, it would still be pretty dodgy as I’d technically be making money from someone else’s property. So that’s totally understandable. I have a good 4-episode story arc in my head though if the situation changes (or if I get so rich from other projects that I can just take a year’s holiday to do nothing but TIE stuff!).
So here’s my future plans….”

I don’t know about you, but I feel that TIE fighter at the very least deserves it’s own canonical history… WINK WINK NUDGE NUDGE Disney and Lucas. But if they want greenlight an expantion, I’d support that too.

Never fear though my fine folks! OtaKing continued the above comment, with the following:

“…Right now at this exact moment, I’m animating a 3-4 minute R-Type space battle (remember R-Type? The 1987 arcade shooter?) for the Mashed channel here on Youtube. That’ll be up in March/April, so don’t worry. I’m not exactly starving to death or anything! Mashed are cool and are paying me in ham sandwiches and vitamin tablets.
I actually have one of those new-fangled Twitter things where I’m posting updates on that if you fancy a look:

I already have concepts and pre-production designs done on an original animated film which is my own IP; basically a “realistic” mech film (so no crazy special moves, anime tropes and whatnot). I guess you could call it “space Vietnam” or Generation Kill with mechs. This thing would be 45 mins to an hour and a half and kind of be my attempt at bringing back those beautifully-animated anime OVAs that we used to get in the 80s and 90s (Cyber City, Gunbuster, BIRTH, etc). If anyone’s interested, I guess I could do a Patreon thing for that and stick it up on Youtube for free when it’s done? But I understand that it’s just some random thing by some random guy, and not Star Wars, so most people won’t be especially excited about it (plus there have been a lot of Patreon/kickstarter scams so you have to be careful when people like myself start promising stuff!).
It’s pretty nice to be doing my own thing though… all the blood and violence that I like with no censors to get past. And it’s mechanised jungle combat so you need a bit of violence where appropriate. And lots and lots of cockpits, joysticks, HUD displays, actual tank-based tactics etc etc.
Anyway, I’ll show off some of that when I have more done and you can see if you like the look of it. I’m currently trying to make the main cast as memorable as Predator or Aliens (yeah, good luck with that). If your characters are sitting in cockpits for most of the film, it needs a really good script (luckily I have an excellent writer on board to make my shitty lines actually decent) and top-tier voice acting (that’ll come way later though).

But really, thanks for all the support and kind words/critiques. I need to improve so please do slag off anything that looks weird in any of my future stuff and call me out if I start developing an ego. I would never have guessed this thing would get over five million views and I’m glad you enjoyed it!”

Be sure to check out OtaKing’s YouTube channel here, and following him on Twitter here. And for the love of the force, tweetbomb Disney and Lucasfilm (be sure to use #TIEFighter ) into granting OtaKing the creative rights to continuing TIE Fighter as a series. Thanks again for stopping by. Be sure to share, and follow on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ at BaicunnPress. As always, I will see you later. 

-Chali Baicuann