This is another archival post from BaicunnPress’s E3 2015 coverage. Gameinformer is covering the newest iteration of Doom in their February 2016 issue, and with the title slated to be released sometime in the first half of this year; I thought this would be a great time to bring back this post. I’ve tied on a link to gameinformer’s Doom coverage at the bottom. I typically don’t care for their hype generating GameStop marketing style, but they have the exclusive currently, and I want you guys to be well informed. Let me know what you think. Please comment, and share. Your support and shares really help us build our following.

-Chali Baicunn

At Bethesda’s first ever E3 Showcase, the first 20+ minutes were dedicated to the pure adrenaline. The Doom showcase, featured 2 game play trailers separated by a little intermission of game feature delight. The video starts by dropping you in as a lone marine on a UAC lab on Mars. From the the first cut slapping on the Helm. To the grip and rip melee. The game play trailer delivered a truly impressive visceral experience. The mechanics and imagery feels like classic Halo turned up to 14. Powered by the idTech 6 engine, the visual delivery felt more action FPS rather than survival horror.

The first weapon shown is the trusty pump action and the first few minutes demonstrated the effectiveness of this can opener of a gun, and the interactivity of the environment. Shortly into the video the hero picks up up the “ol’ trusty” the double barrel shot gun, from a lab member who appears to have chosen the business end of his gun rather than the horde of demons beating down the doors. To me feels like it will be the most gratifying in game gun in a long time. Literally bisecting enemies with a single pull of the triggers.

At one point, our hero hits a dead end. Unable to gain security clearance with a palm scan, he swiftly moves to a holographic video playback unit and follows a trails of carnage and blood to a human corps. Unable to move forward and willing to retreat, our hero has but one option… He promptly removes the left arm of his fallen comrade to gain the required clearance.

The melee fighting in this game also appears to be highly gratifying. With a shocking number of grapples and finishers, and enough variety that it appears that you’ll never get bored. My favorite is where you pull and an enemy unit down by his leg and then use the foot of said leg as a skull splitter. And chainsaw?… Oh I forgot to mention it… You may be asking yourself why is there a chainsaw in a UAC lab on Mars. Simple answer really…. Because CHAINSAW! But all joking aside the chainsaw appears to be a hoss of a melee weapon. It has the power from the first swing to vivisect even the most suborn of the demon armies. The first video sequence ends with our lone hero being beaten to death with his own separated limbs.

A brief intermission was taken between game play videos (I assume to prevent heart failure from young children and senior citizens.), to discuss one of the coolest in game features that I have seen in very long time; Doom Snap map. Doom Snap map promises to help players create complex, unique, and expansive mission maps, ranging from single player “zombie” like missions to 4 player death match. All custom made and sharable cross platform.

The last game play video released was a trip to hell…. Literally Hell. After dropping off a cliff, our hero proceeds to pit fit with the armies of the damned. Surrounded on all side by the hordes, fighting for every inch, every imaginable weapons is employed from rocket launchers, to assault rifles. With the crescendo coming by way of grenade ripped from the chest of a Mancubus and shoved down its gullet for safe keeping. There’s not much more to say. Just watch the video below.

As we would expect from any game worthy of the title Doom, the level of gore and carnage would make an ordinary man pass out. The majority of your supplies are obtained from the corpses of your slaughtered enemy. With the available 8 slot quick weapons swap menu, weapon changes seem to be effortless. idSoftware promises more information later this year, with a release of Spring 2016. We’ll keep an eye on this title and update you as updates become available.

Thank you again for stopping by today. Hope you found this archival post imformative and entertaining! If you like the article, please comment and share. As always have a good day and hope to see you in the future. 

-Chali Baicunn

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