Hello out there. I hope you’re all having a fan-fracking-tastic Friday!I wanted to bring you something amazing to waste your employer’s clock time with today. So I’m pulling this one out of the vault. Originally discovering this indie-comic through an MC Chris Facebook post. I was unsure of what I’d find on the other side of that link, and so I was astonished find an evocative human story. (If this doesn’t make you feel something then you’re broken.)

In case you’re unfamiliar with who Green Leader is; I recommend that you check out the following video before continuing on:

Please enjoy!

What happens next?…

You’ll have to see for yourself. Go check the rest of Green Leader out on Daniel Johnson’s website, and while you’re there check out Space Mullet . It’s a fantastic sci-fi webcomic that’s updated twice a week. I promise you will not be disappointed, and you’ll have no shortage of material to waste your bosses time with.

Thank you for stopping by today. I hope you enjoy Green Leader and Space Mullet. Let me know what you think, in the comment section below. Please like and share on social media. Be sure to follow and turn on tweet notifications for @BaicunnPress, to get alerts when new content gets posted. As always thank you very much for all of the support, and I hope to see you again in the future.  

-Chali Baicunn