The internet is abuzz; not just with the recent reveal of the newest trailer for Star Wars Episode 7, but also for the first official Battlefront 3 reveal trailer. Gamers have reason to be excited, for sure. The only problem is that the reason stinks. Check out the trailer below to catch a glimpse of why that is.

My first criticism involves the fact that no gameplay was shown (after all, we are talking about a video game, not a movie), but that’s an easy shot at EA. I’d rather point out the lesser-known facts regarding Battlefront 3, which design director Niklas Fegraeus came out and proudly admitted today.

First, let’s hear the good news. Thankfully, Battlefront 3 will feature a leveling system, plenty of customization, new gadgets (like Halo 3’s bubble shield), it runs at 60 frames per second, and even retains its split-screen functionality, with a maximum of 40 players online. But come on… we were kind of expecting all of that anyway. What we weren’t expecting was for Dice to limit all battles to the original trilogy, throwing out the clone wars entirely. That means we won’t be playing as any droids, either. Just stormtroopers and rebels. Yeah. I was hoping to actually get, I don’t know, like… maybe something MORE than Battlefront 2? I honeslty wouldn’t even settle for the same content being published again without anything new. I’m buying Battlefront 3 because I see where Battlefront can be improved and added upon! If I wanted to go back and play Battlefront 2, I would. I wanted to play as all manner of aliens, modified droid units, republic commandos, and jedi during the purge of Order 66!

But that’s not even the bad news. If you’re a Star Wars fan, you probably already scoured the internet a long time ago for any and all Battlefront 3 news, back when Free Radical (the creators of Timesplitters) were developing it. Even though their version of the game was cancelled, we were still treated with – and tantilized by – alpha footage depicting seamless transitions between ground and space combat. In addition, the developers even said that actual star destroyers and separatist flagships were piloted by actual players! Now THAT would have been awesome, especially if it were improved upon.

So naturally, I was very much looking forward to seeing whether Dice implemented what was possible on the PS3 almost a decade ago (and also on the PSP, if you count Star Wars: Renegade Squadron). But guess what? Dice has officially informed us that there will be no seamless transitions between land and space. Okay, I’m disappointed. But at least I’ll get an updated version of Battlefront 2, right? Unfortunately, that’s not the case either. Niklas Fegraeus officially announced that there will be no space battles whatsoever.

All right, things are getting crazy now! What other essential components of Battlefront have you gotten rid of, Dice? Well, players will no longer be able to grab vehicles like AT-ST walkers from the start of the match and go to war against others. Instead, Dice is implementing a scorestreak system where players must first get a number of kills in order to earn powerful vehicles… which I’m sure will lead to even more points, leading to more vehicles, leading to even more unbalanced circumstances where one team has an abundance of vehicles while the other… doesn’t.

Why is Dice doing this? Don’t they know that this is both unbalanced and contrary to Battlefront’s tried-and-true design? Some of my greatest memories from the original Battlefront games come from me joining up with my buddies (in four-player split-screen) and forming a barrage of vehicles to attack an objective – ranging from walkers, to speeders, to flying ships, to tanks, to you name it. Limiting vehicles to scorestreaks will completely ruin the core idea of a battlefront at the start of the match, where the main action is taking place between two sides!

But I fear that these are the first of more saddening revelations to come. It seems that developers are more concerned with aesthetic nuances like high framerate and flashy graphics than they are with creating the game we’d all like to play. I’m sure I’ll buy Battlefront eventually, but I have no reason to be excited for it. Not anymore.

BY Luke Putman AKA PonStory